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Never Lose Another Bait While Casting or Impacting The Water's Surface!

Anglers spend large sums of money on bait and experience great frustration when bait is lost when casting, or from the impact of the bait entering the water.

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The Solution Is Here!

The "BAIT SAVER FISH HOOK" is a one-of-a-kind, specialty hook designed to save bait by securely holding it on the hook when casting and upon impact with the water's surface. This is accomplished with unique design features including a wire attachment and slide locking band.

Hold Bait on a Hook-Bait Saver Hook Diagram

Once the "Bait Saver" wire and slide locking band are in place, the bait is guaranteed to make it to the bottom when casting!

The "BAIT SAVER FISH HOOK" holds difficult baits like chicken livers, bread balls, clams, oysters, dough balls, leeches, salmon eggs, ballyhoo, etc., and smaller pieces of bait can be used since the "Bait Saver" wire and slide locking band keep the bait securely in place.

Catch More Than 1 Fish Per Bait!

Due to the design of the wire attachment, it is often possible to catch more than one fish with the same piece of bait. Once the fish is removed, often the bait is still in the bottom of the hook because the wire keeps it there. Just reset the "Bait Saver" wire and slide locking band and cast again!

Works great barbless with the same bait holding capability! Also holds Wacky & Senko worms without piercing the worm. The worm goes between the bottom of the hook and the Bait Saver wire, holding it tightly without damaging the worm.

No Other Fishing Hook Can Make These Claims!

The "Bait Saver" wire and slide locking band can be manufactured on any style or size hook.