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The Bait Saver Hook Idea

Bait Saver Hooks Fishing Tackle

The "BAIT SAVER HOOK" came about on a New Year's Day after a lunch of ham, black eyed peas, and collard greens. Bait Saver Hook inventor Newsome Corbitt was in semi-sleep on the couch when a unique fishing hook design popped into his head, literally out of the blue.

Newsome saw the function of the hook and how to make it. He immediately headed to the garage and in a short time, had a rough prototype made. He fished it the next day with incredible results and the rest is history.

Newsome gives God the credit for this hook and for the other inventions he has received seemingly "out of the blue" as well. Be looking for those to follow!

The BAIT SAVER FISH HOOK COMPANY is a subsidiary of Corbitt Ventures, Inc.

Founded 1990

President and Inventor Newsome Corbitt, III.

Vice President Gentry Corbitt