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Fishing Hooks that Save Bait

Following are two videos demonstrating how to use Bait Saver Hooks for best results.

  1. How To Use Bait Saver Hooks
  2. Re-Shaping A Bent Or Twisted Bait Saver Wire

How to Use Bait Saver Fish Hooks

Bait Saver Fish Hooks-How To Use

  1. Slide Locking Band up to eye of hook. (Fig. 1)
  2. Spread “Bait Saver” apart and release from beneath barb of hook. (Fig. 2)
  3. Place bait on hook.
  4. Return “Bait Saver” wire to beneath barb of hook.
  5. Slide Locking Band to fit tightly against the bait.

Reshaping A Bent or Twisted Bait Saver Wire

Occasionally, the Bait Saver Wire may become twisted or bent from an aggressive strike.  If this happens, don't worry!  With this quick tip, you can get your Bait Saver Hook back in shape in the water in no time.

View more tips on using your Bait Saver Hooks, including how to use with different baits by visiting our YouTube Channel.