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CATFISHING with Bait Saver Hooks

The best catfishing hook on the market!  So many anglers like to catfish, from the small “buttercats” to the huge channel cats, catfishing is just fun.

As most catfishing folks know, chicken livers are a favorite catfish bait. The dilemma is keeping the chicken liver on the hook. No standard fishing hook will hold a chicken liver.

Out of desperation, folks have come up with many ways to hold a chicken liver on their hook including using panty hose, string, mesh bags … the list goes on and on.

Catfishing with Chicken Livers How to Keep Chicken Livers on the Hook

FINALLY, Bait Saver Hook Company has come up with a fishing hook that will hold a chicken liver (even when casting) without having to use the items mentioned above.

The Bait Saver Hook has a unique slide-locking system that holds chicken liver snuggly on the hook, even when casting multiple times. It is truly amazing.

Please enjoy our YouTube video showing the Bait Saver Hook in action using a chicken liver,.

Are you ready to keep your chicken livers on the hook and catch more catfish?

Order your Bait Saver Hooks today!

What Size Hook Should I Use for Catfishing?

We recommend using the following sizes of Bait Saver Hooks for catfishing, depending on what size catfish you are after:

  • #4 for small catfish
  • 1/O J style or circle style for medium catfish
  • 3/O J style or circle style for medium to large catfish
  • 5/O circle or 6/O J style for larger catfish